Transform your indoor space with the enchanting beauty of 41 variegated houseplants boasting stunning leaf patterns

Houseplants with variegated leaves are some of the most stunning and unique plants you can have in your home. They feature varying shades of greens, whites, reds, and other colors that will leave you in awe. Some variegated houseplants are highly sought after due to their rarity, also making them a little pricier.

Aglaonema is an excellent variegated indoor houseplant for beginners and experienced plant owners. They’re beautiful and have a variety of patterns on their leaves. The artistic appearance of dark and light green makes them look lavish and like they require a lot of work when in fact, they’re easy to care for.

An easy to please variegated houseplant is the Aluminum Plant. It gets its name from the silver pattern on the leaves, which resemble aluminum. It can’t be placed on a windowsill because it doesn’t like direct sunlight, but make sure it has indirect light.

The Balfour Aralia is native to many continents, so you can easily have it as an indoor houseplant almost anywhere. The leaves are lacy, shiny, and feature subtle hints of light green and white shades.

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