12 House Plants That Are actually Fragrant Air Fresheners

Are you looking for a natural way to maintain a lively arom in your roos? Plant some of these fragrant houseplants to freshen the air in your home.

Yes! The snake plant does flower. Although its flowers are unlikely to be a common inside appearance, once they open, your home will be filled with their heady scent.

African gardenias are known for their fragrant, white blossoms. It’s surprisingly simple to cultivate, and it even thrives in dappled sunlight.

For the best blooms, this aromatic plant should be placed in a sunny room. Yellow star jasmine is the way to go if you’re looking for a powerful aroma.

Indoors, lavender will thrive with plenty of bright light and produce many blossoms. The more flowers it produces, the better your home will smell.

Some orchids used in corsages only bloom once a year, while others might bloom twice. It emits a powerful cinnamon and vanilla scent that may permeate a whole home in a short amount of time. Sakura Candy, Little Mermaid, and Yucatan Magenta are three of the most romantic varieties of Cattleya pot.

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